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Séminaire : "L'inductivisme radical du marchine learning", Laura K. Nelson - Médialab (Sciences Po)

Pour sa prochaine séance de séminaire, mardi 3 mars 2020 (14h-16h), le médialab de Sciences Po accueille Laura K. Nelson, pour une intervention intitulée « L'inductivisme radical du machine learning ».

Résumé de la séance
"Machine learning is typically framed in the social sciences as a  more sophisticated way to do regression analysis. I argue that this is  an epistemological distortion: the mathematical assumptions behind  machine learning are much closer to the epistemology of inductive  methods than they are to the deductive requirements of regression  analysis. Using examples from my own research, I show that machine  learning can not only be used in qualitative and interpretive research,  it is, down to its most basic assumptions, a radically inductive method."

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Date de l'événement: 
3 Mars 2020
Lieu de l'événement: 
Salle du LIEPP au 254 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris